Monte São Miguel, the Real Portugal
Monte São Miguel an authentic Alentejan dwelling, consisting of three connected houses and beautifully situated in the middle of untouched nature. Two of these homes are available as a holiday resort.
Completely furnished, the houses, one accommodating five, the other two persons, can be rented together or separately.
Monte São Miguel is the perfect place to settle down amidst abundant flora and fauna. Breathe in the simplicity (or is it rather the great abundance?) of country-life.
The houses offer simple yet comfortable furnishings.
The compound is located in the Alentejo, a region of Portugal where time seems to have come to a standstill.
Monte São Miguel is ‘the’ place to destress, enjoy peace and quiet and the rhythm of nature.
Here you can still take the time to look at an overwhelming star spangled sky with just the sound of crickets in the background.